The following people are involved with the REMnux project in a significant capacity, in addition to members of the community who help test the distro, suggest tools, and help diagnose and correct issues.

Lenny Zeltser

Lenny is the founder of REMnux, which he launched in 2010. He is the primary maintainer of REMnux and is the official point of contact for the project. You can find him at: Twitter, Blog, and LinkedIn.

Corey Forman

Corey is a significant contributor to the v7 release of REMnux. He joined the project in 2020. Corey has been setting up, upgrading, and testing many of the REMnux tools. He's been assisting with documentation, and offering valuable advice. You can find him on GitHub.

Erik Kristensen

Erik designed the back-end architecture based on SaltStack for the REMnux distro, advising for the project since 2017. You can find him on GitHub.

Tool Authors

REMnux wouldn't be possible without the authors of the tools that comprise the distro. They are the hear of the REMnux project. These individuals have been propelling the draft and craft of cybersecurity by sharing their skills and tools with the community. The listing of REMnux tools includes the author's name and the tool's license whenever possible.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to David Westcott, who contributed his time, energy, and expertise to v5 and v6 releases of the REMnux distro. He participated in the project from 2015 to 2017.

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