Implement Enhancements

This page outlines enhancement ideas for REMnux. If you have the time and expertise to address implement them, please consider lending a hand.

Booting in VMware Might Display an SMBus Warning

The REMnux boots in a VMware environment, you might see the following SMBus warning briefly appear on the screen:

piix4_smbus 000:00:07.3: SMBus Host Controller not enabled!

This notice doesn't affect the functioning of the distro, but it could generate a concern. To eliminate this warning, you can run the following commands in the virtual machine and then reboot it:

sudo echo "blacklist i2c-piix4" >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf
sudo update-initramfs -u

As an enhancement, it would be nice to crete a Salt state configuration file that automatically takes these actions when the distro is being installed in a VMware environment. One way to spot VMware would be to run the following command:

dmidecode -s system-product-name | grep VMware

The Installation of Thug is Time-Consuming

At the moment, the installation of Thug requires compiling stpyv8 during install time, which can take 20 minutes. To speed up the process, it would be good to generate a Debian package for Thug or stpyv8, instead of using the approach in the current stpyv8 state file.

BinNavi Needs a Database in PostgreSQL

BinNavi, installed by binnavi.sls, requires a PostgreSQL database to operate. The database application itself is already installed on REMnux via postgresql.sls. It would be nice to craft a new Salt State file under remnux/theme to create a database for BinNavi with default credentials remnux/malware.

The REMnux Installer Should Work with Non-Transparent Proxies

At the moment, the REMnux installer is incompatible with non-transparent proxies. The issue is with how remnux-cli.js connects to Github to retrieve the listing of salt-states releases. The code does this using the GitHubApi module, which is supposed to support connections through a proxy, but seems unable to do so. It would be great to adjust the code so it can retrieve the listing os salt-states releases even if the system is behind a non-transparent proxy.

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