ELF Files

Dynamically Reverse-Engineer Code

GNU Project Debugger

Multi-language debugger


An AArch32/x86/x86-64 debugger, well suited for debugging ELF files.


Trace library calls and signals.
Website: https://ltrace.org Author: Juan Cespedes License: GNU General Public License (GPL) v2: https://gitlab.com/cespedes/ltrace/-/blob/master/COPYING State File: remnux.packages.ltrace​


Trace process' system calls and signals.
Website: https://strace.io Author: Paul Kranenburg, Branko Lankester, Rick Sladkey, etc. License: GNU General Public License v2.1+: https://gitlab.com/strace/strace/blob/master/COPYING State File: remnux.packages.strace​