Dynamically Reverse-Engineer Code


Convert 32 and 64-bit shellcode to a Windows executable file.


Convert 32 and 64-bit shellcode to a Windows executable file.
Website: Author: Ori Damari: License: Free, unknown license Notes: Use full path name to specify the input file; look for the output file in /usr/local/shellcode2exe-bat State File:


Analyze shellcode by emulating its execution.
Website: Author: David Zimmer License: Free, unknown license Notes: scdbg (GUI), scdbgc (console). Due to a compatibility issue, this tool is not available on an Ubuntu 20.04 SIFT Workstation system to which REMnux was added. State File: remnux.packages.scdbg


Run shellcode to trace and analyze its execution.
Website: Author: Evan Dygert: License: MIT License: Notes: Use the tracesc command to execute runsc within Wine in a way that traces the execution of shellcode. WARNING! This wrapper will actually execute the shellcode on the system, which might lead to your system becoming infected. Only use this wrapper in an properly configured, isolated laboratory environment, which you can return to a pristine state at the end of your analysis. State File: remnux.packages.runsc


Emulate code execution, including shellcode, Windows drivers, and Windows PE files.
Website: Author: FireEye Inc, Andrew Davis License: MIT License: Notes: To run the tool, use speakeasy,, and commands. State File: remnux.python3-packages.speakeasy


Emulate code execution of PE files, shellcode, etc. for a variety of OS and hardware platforms.
Website: Author: License: GNU General Public License (GPL) v2.0: Notes: Use qltool to analyze artifacts. Before analyzing Windows artifacts, gather Windows DLLs and other components using the dllscollector.bat script. Read the tool's documentation to get started. State File: remnux.python3-packages.qiling

Bitdefender Disassembler (bddisasm)

Disassemble 32 and 64-bit assembly instructions and emulate shellcode execution.
Website: Author: Bitdefender's HVI Team: License: Apache License 2.0: Notes: disasmtool State File: remnux.packages.bddisasm

Cut out a part of a data stream.


A library for x86 code emulation and shellcode detection


Locate and decode strings obfuscated using common techniques.
Website: Author: Didier Stevens: License: Public Domain Notes: xorsearch State File: remnux.packages.xorsearch
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