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Statically Analyze Code


Generate Java source code from Dalvik Executable (dex) and Android APK files
Website: Author: Skylot License: Apache License 2.0:, also see Notes: jadx, jadx-gui State File:


Reverse-engineer Android APK files.
Website: Author: Connor Tumbleson, Ryszard Wisniewski License: Apache License 2.0: State File:


Perform static analysis of Android applications.


Examine Android files.
Website: Author: Anthony Desnos, Geoffroy GueGuen License: Apache License 2.0: Notes:,,,,,, androguard,,, State File: remnux.python3-packages.androguard


Convert an Android APK application file into an Android Studio project for easier analysis.
Website: Author: Max Kersten: License: GNU General Public License (GPL) v3: Notes: Use AndroidProjectCreator to run the tool. Before running it for the first time, execute AndroidProjectCreator -compactInstall to download the latest dependencies. Use Android Studio to examine the output of the tool. State File:


Disassembler for the dex format used by Dalvik, Android's Java VM implementation.
Website: Author: Ben Gruver License: Free, unknown license State File: remnux.packages.baksmali


Examine Dalvik Executable (dex) files.
Website: Author: Panxiaobo License: Apache License 2.0: Notes: dex-tools State File: remnux.packages.dex2jar